Hi, I'm Maraya...

I have a good understanding of how consciousness comes into form.

The light of creation is available to all Creator Beings. The light of our creators heart has little characters in it, the elemental kingdom or nature spirits. These designs can be seen in Mother Nature around us. We call this light the Holy Spirit. The mighty Elohim bring this light into form under the guidance of the Devic Kingdom and the Elemental kingdom. I use the codes of creation, the underlaying program before form materialises, to unlock consciousness and align each person with their soul signature frequencies, in alignment with the laws of nature, our divine nature. I command the light.

The creators of this universe are the Avatars. I am able to sing the sounds by which the earth was created, which I remember being witness to. Pushing the light threads into the original designs and patterns of the earths structure which is also your body, I unite your light with the earth. The landscapes of mother earth are the landscapes of our consciousness and we are remembering who we are as we unite with her. 


As one with the heartbeat of Africa running barefoot through the wild terrain of our camp, was my childhood. My father was a game ranger in Northern Zululand, South Africa. I remember African umbrella trees, the beat of the drums at sunset and the calls of the wild at night. Sunset was a magical time, we celebrated it as a sacred languid moment every evening as the sounds between the worlds crossed over into an expansive starry night. The smell of the dry earth, the buzz of the insects on a hot day and the shimmering light in the heat, where there is no time but now.

Under the African sky, nothing but rolling hills of wilderness changing in the seasons. I could hear the whispers of the long golden grass while birds echoed a backdrop to their story. I imagined this was all there was and ever would be, the wild nature of Africa on a hot summer day, and as the night crept in there would be a show of rich colours behind the aloes in the garden as the insects began their chorus and a spotted hyena cackled in the distance.

Within my connected heart is this consciousness I am, laying upon my shoulders containing the words and symbols, the patterns of creation. Within my golden heart is the song of my spirit, a song in the wind rendering the essence of love. Like a bird amongst the leaves on the branch of a mighty tree, who sings simply because it is it’s nature. Within my receptive heart is the willingness to let this flow through me like a river, a river of light and expression of my soul.

Within each of our hearts is the butterfly of our ancestors; a heart seeking joy and freedom; the limitless blue sky above and beyond; the pathway home; here now, rooted as a mighty oak tree into the earth, growing next to a river that trickles and gurgles; with birds amidst the branches singing their songs of creation, expressing their experience of being here. Within each of our hearts is this song, this expression of being in existence, a consciousness awakening to what is.

Connecting to our higher light to receive guidance and love, to be able to gaze upon the rolling vista’s of the earth plane with a deeply peaceful heart, in appreciation of that which surrounds us. With wings upon our backs and above the sounding trumpets of the cherubim, the clarion call sent forth, to pay attention. The voice demanding administration, no matter the struggle of the heart; to continue towards the setting sun

 I am representative of the Galactic Federation and Galactic Council, commanding the light. The Federation is returning law and order to this plane of existence.