Buddha’s creation of the ‘Pure Land of limitless light’

All of the lives I have lived, all the legs of the millipede to walk with and depend upon to lean onto; giving me strength and understanding of the freedom and playground of the Earthplane. And although I have swung to the edges of my reality peering into the dark spaces outside, I have not let go.

The imagined, the idea of relinquishing my grip on the handle bar of my swing, attached to the merry-go-round of this circus, to free-fall into space, feels like the ultimate trust and freedom of the dark unknown. 

The circles and cycles of the circus carousel are eternal, and to release the hand that grips the handlebar whilst leaning over the edge, to fearlessly fly off, is to trust that within the empty dark space of nothingness, emptiness is where true freedom draws breath. 

Holding fearfully onto the handlebar of an ever spinning wheel, rotating in endless cycles and circles, alternating ones hands and occasionally leaning backwards to hold the bar with both hands. 

There must always be the something to hold onto.

Until nauseous and dizzy one arrives at the seeming pointlessness of the exercise. Finally. 

I surrender and let go, flying off the edge into the perceived empty darkness. And within the emptiness, floating everywhere and nowhere, in the breath. And there is a deep comfort of being held, supported as myself, as  ‘I Am’.