"Interpreting the subconscious themes, symbolic meanings, and representations within the dream realm, psychic visions, and breathwork experiences."

Dream, Vision & Breathwork Analysis

A group setting where we are able to learn from each others dream analyses, vision interpretations, and breathwork experiences.

Dream, Vision & Breathwork Analysis

This group setting provides insights and more of an understanding of the subconscious through dream, vision and breathwork analysis of individuals within the group. You will get the teachings of your own analysis AND be able to learn through the analyses of others. 


This offering provides a sacred space for individuals to delve into the realms of dreams, visions, and breathwork experiences, and gain deeper understanding of the subconscious mind. While the focus of the group is on dreams, visions, and breathwork, participants are invited to bring any topic they would like to discuss and have analyzed. The group serves as a platform for shared learning, where insights and knowledge can be gained not only from one's own analysis, but also from the experiences of others.

Through the use of intuitive channels and personal reflection, you will be guided on a journey of self-discovery and be provided with valuable insights into the inner workings of the subconscious mind. This offering is ideal for those seeking spiritual guidance and personal growth, while feeling safe and secure in the group setting.

2 hour group analysis


The 1st Friday of every month

Starting May 2023: Every Friday

The seats are limited to 8 per group.

USD: $50.00 per person

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