Within the centre of our hearts is a steady beat connected to the Creators song of creation. The chorus of rainbow colours streaming forth into our universe and solar system carried on the winds of time. Within our hearts there is a holy space that responds to this sound, as individuals and as a collective. Now is the time to remember this space.

Within the beat of every heart, is a wild nature with different parts entangled but ultimately growing upwards into the light. Sometimes the entanglements of different plants suffocate each other, like thick brush or vines smothering that which surrounds them. It is the vines nature to do this, just as it is the nature of the mighty Oak to grow upwards strong and steady.

Fear not to see that which is, and maintain your focus on receiving your own light that the vertical flow can expand and extend, reaching both deeper and higher in connection.

When the green leaves of the tree face upwards into the light, as does the heart seeking the light, knowing and trusting that in the light there cannot be darkness. And with this practice, comes Faith. For in the light everything is seen and there is nothing to fear. One does not see green leaves growing beneath the soil of the earth, this is the design of mother nature.

So find the strength, the Will Power to breathe into the lightness in your heart and know that it is your protection, and dissolves darkness.

Sometimes our feelings overwhelm us and despair seem everywhere. So choose your heart with its steady beat and infinite knowledge. The heartbeat is united to Earth and Heaven, where we stand uniting the two. It is the centre of your Universe, the centre of our Soul.