These codes or patterns of creation are about staying in your centre while the feelings flow between dark and light, and you simply observe without judgment or question. That centre point in the heart where the breath arrives and leaves, connecting the body to your universe, the divine patterns of the stars in a night sky.

And taking a deep breath….

Imagine the downward spiral of receptive energy as seen in the Fibonacci spiral of the sea shells within the great waters of the mighty ocean, the emotional body of connection. 

New Earth Patterns descending in spirals of light frequencies of design. The in-breath welcomes these brilliant forms of creation allowing them to settle into the spaces in between, the empty spaces of the unknown. These diamond crystalline patterns of brilliance and clear understanding are messages of purity and delight vibrating with shimmering intent, purifying murky uncertainty and lack of clarity.

Each design is a unique resonation seeking a space to land, to embody, and to be received bringing lightness and truth; the heart simply needs to be open, so take a deep breath and let go; let go of all that is no longer needed in this now moment. Release the continued seeking within the empty dark spaces where there is nothing.  And take another breath; simply greeting your heart ‘ Hello my heart, I Am Here, I welcome all that I Am’, Now breathe in this light, these gifts of Creation, …willingly receive.