This project received an Honorarium grant and is now being built for Burning Man 2022.

I have collaborated with Harlan Emil Gruber who has been building Portal installations at Burning Man since 2004:  He has designed this structure based on the information I gave him.

In the centre of the circle, the centre of the heart, one can observe the universe around one, like the earth floating in a night sky. The patterns of the stars and planets an expression of the soul and all that it is. These patterns hold specific gifts and it is time to return them, to embody them.

Using the codes of creation of the Elohim and the sounds of creation of the Avatars the Blueprint designs of Creation will be returned to open hearts willing to receive, from within the presence of the structure.

Maraya's project at Burning Man

The 1:44 Inter-dimensional Space Time Portal is a large interactive art installation. It consists of two arches 16 feet high crossing at right angles aligned to north-south and east-west, standing on a circular ring 32 feet in diameter laying on the ground. From above we see the cross in the circle, our earth symbol. In the centre of the circle is a 12-stepped Mayan pyramid 11 feet high and 20 feet square that can be both climbed upon and entered within.

Upon all sides of the arches are inscriptions of light language symbols illuminated from within, and inside the pyramid one can hear the singing of the Codes of Creation through the light of the Elohim and the sounds of creation of the Creators of this universe, the Avatars. Together, the sounds and symbols are designed to prompt the remembrance and return of our Divine nature.
This installation is designed as an access point to the dimensions and timelines. The East/West arch is beginnings and completion, the 1st and 2nd dimensions upon which all others follow; and the North/South arch is future and past. The horizontal ring laying upon the earth is the embodiment of our ever present multi-dimensional nature of Being, where heaven meets earth.
The pyramid’s design provides an access point to remembering self, and following the law of, ‘As above So below’, the arches imply completed circles with the potential for motion through the circles and cycles of time and space.
This structure along with the Key codes and patterned light threads will assist consciousness into awakening to itself.