I received the design for this structure from the Galactic Federation, on the Full Moon of November 2019 in Sedona.

It's purpose was to bring order and protection to the Timelines and Dimensions in an environment where consciousness was very open.

Collaborating with Harlan Emil Gruber who had been building Portal installations at Burning Man since 2004: transportals.org , he then designed the structure based on the information I gave him, materialising it into form masterfully.

Within the centre of the circle, the centre of our hearts, one can observe the universe around one, like the earth floating in a night sky where the patterns and light of the stars are the design of our creation. It is from within this space that we are able to access all timelines and dimensions, remembering and embodying more of our consciousness.

The landscapes of Mother Earth are the landscapes of our consciousness, there is no separation. Using the Codes of Creation of the Elohim and the Sounds of Creation of the Avatars, I connected into the Blueprint of that empty landscape, that space within ourselves,  returning it to its original magnificence. Using singing of the codes and receiving guidance from the Star Nations, the original designs were restored within the consciousness of those willing souls that came to the sunset and sunrise activations.

The restored designs included the original glacial lake nestled within the valley of the mountains of wisdom; form at its most dense. We also returned the elemental kingdom, the divine nature spirits of the brightly coloured coral like vegetation in the water, as well as the trees, flowers, and seeds of life surrounding the lake, the original Garden of Eden. It was a magical experience.

The 1:44 Inter-dimensional Space Time Portal 
was designed as an access point to the dimensions and timelines. From a a birds eye view, it is the cross in the circle, our astrological earth symbol.

The West/East arch is beginnings and completion, sunset and sunrise - the 1st and 2nd dimensions upon which all others follow; and the North/South arch is wisdom and past experience. The horizontal ring laying upon the earth is the embodiment of our ever present multi-dimensional nature of Being, where heaven meets earth in vertical alignment with our light stream, the light of our soul. 
The pyramid’s design provides an access point to remembering self, and following the law of, ‘As above So below’, the arches imply completed circles with the potential for motion through the circles and cycles of time and space. This design supports consciousness awakening to itself which coincidentally fitted very nicely into the theme of the 2022 Burn, 'Waking Dreams'.


1:44 Inter-dimensional Space Time Bronze Pendant


Bronze  1 5/16″