Within the dispersed fluttering of suffering, white feathers descend from the skies falling from wings of the Angels, their love bursting forth from the heart of the Divine, filled with compassion and an urgency to free trapped life. Within the dark spaces of emptiness exist these feathers of freedom so open your hands and with a welcoming heart let the forms within the darkness dissolve into the light.

The eagle looking down at the earthplane gaining a higher perspective as seen through the layered patterning of the atmosphere, where on the earth some trees appear stunted and distorted while others flourish and expand. And as she flies over the ocean, she sees pink lines of connected grids of light, deep below the surface. And within the pupil of her eye she holds the deep space of a dark night filled with the divine patterning of the stars.

From afar, traveling between the stars in the spaces in between approaches a pink multifaceted serpent bringing a song of compassion. As she enters the blues skies the combination of the two colours creates violet, the flame of transmutation. For the cries of the earthplane have been heard and the Divine has responded. And as she nears her destination she becomes the Dragon with the breath of Fire, violet flames with licks of golden yellow. She blows gently onto grided vortices, the powerful connection points where dark forms have collected, energetically trapped. Her golden breath frees them returning them home into the light, the golden light holding the frequencies of Love.

And so arrives the golden symbols of creation into the spaces in between the grids, the grids of the hearts calling for an end to their darkness.