"It takes courage and will power to stay in our breath, embodying our light and accepting our suffering. Gaining a deeper understanding of that which we have learned from it. This is our wisdom."

Consciousness Altering Substances

I do not work with individuals that are still learning from substances. Once cleared of substances for a minimum period of 9 complete moon cycles, you are welcome to come for a private session. 

All are welcome to join Group and Self Study courses. This only applies to the private session where I personally do the clearings.

Our presence in the heart, ‘I Am Here’, requires devotion. It is about becoming a Disciple of the Heart. It takes courage and will power to embody ones light. Self empowerment is within the breath. By giving our power to a substance outside of ourselves we are disempowering ourselves to it.

When exiting the body into expanded and higher frequencies of light, space is left within the body to be entered. Although we may gain higher knowledge and remembrance in the higher realms, which seems valuable at the time, in my experience one cannot fully embody these light patterns due to the interference now residing in the body. This does damage to the body which then needs surgeries and extractions. Depending on where the interference has come from, what it is connected to and how materialized it is, depends on the level of work needed in order to clear it. 

Once in alignment, cleared and balanced it is the recipients responsibility to use their will power to maintain this state of being. Will power or self empowerment is the first ray, the blue ray, the same colour as heaven, and it is our free will and willingness to unite with it. It takes courage.

This list includes but is not limited to:
Chemicals include: cocaine, crystal meth, ketamine, LSD, Acid, OxyContin, Percocet, buprenophren, pethidine, MDMA, ecstasy, amphetamines, heroine, codeine, opiates, GHB & GBL, steroids, Khat, Ritalin, valium
Micro-dosing, oils: cannabis, mushrooms, LSD, San Pedro/Wachuma, Iboga, peyote
Plant Medicines: Ayahuasca, iboga, san pedro/wachuma, peyote, mushrooms, DMT, salvia
Alcohol - excessive, abuse or addiction