Within each of our hearts is the darkness that is, that we have chosen to learn from.

 We explore this emptiness seeking something where there is nothing. And when the emptiness, the meaningless existence of that seeking and searching is complete, we withdraw our curiosity back into the light. That which can be seen. 

For although the seen world may feel boring, It is the tangible materialised world around us. When the darkness begins to take form, the distortions in physical appearance are evident, and this is boring too. It is simply the seeking of the unknown, the mystery within the unseen that excites us and holds our curiosity.

Within the light at higher levels, there is a magical existence, a frequency of activity that exists and is infinite in its creation and wonder. The chatter of vibrant colours and patterns, creatures of Nature, of the Natural World, living in harmony, singing a chorus of song.

Tuning into this frequency of light takes will power and perseverance, it is a harmonic merging. And it is this practice in one’s heart, to find this frequency of Love, this resonation. Discovering, rediscovering the magic of the earth plane once again, this life in the light. The Aliveness of Being Here.