The doorway of Gemini, open and inviting into the unconscious of the night sky holding the divine patterns of the stars twinkling joyfully, hopefully. Each pattern giving meaning to our existence and the dusty road we have chosen to follow. Although we may not see a destination, the road is clear in the afternoon sunlight and we trust our hearts direction.


A bright star in a clear night sky twinkling joyfully, emanating the pure pulse of this universe, as one with the heart of Creation. A knowing smile at the pure perfection of Creators plan and the part that is it’s expression. Pouring forth its souls light with strength and determination, the impetus flowing out with Love. The love of Being in what is, the heart crooning with focused intent.

For through the grids upon grids of consciousness hovering, some clouded some clear, a larger Golden framework is appearing, a prominent structure with golden tubes both East/West, North/South and vertical, holding steady in their frequency and slowly dissolving the lesser grids, their light and reflection golden pipes of heavenly song.

And from above the peaceful, intent filled face of an Angel surrounded by glorious white feathered wings, hands together at her heart, golden symbols flowing forth steadily, while her lips move in the shapes of the sounds of creation, her eyes aware of the sphere around her, blue skies above and earth below.

The Twins face West, their focus unwavering, long thick brown hair and bangs, concentrated application for it is their turn in the centre chairs of the line. The mood is serious, their time is Now, their portal small.

And on the earthplane the birds in the trees busily sing their songs and chatter, flitting from branch to branch, a cacophony of sound and movement below the clear blue skies, the bright sunlight and gentle breeze. Free.