"Using the Codes of Creation and Sound of the Avatars, I unlock consciousness returning the Blueprint design of our Creation, as seen in Mother Nature."

Aligning the Timelines and Dimensions

10 June 2023 | Online Course

Opening and aligning your consciousness to all that you are, returning and reconnecting you to the light of your soul.

Aligning the Timelines and Dimensions

This is a condensed, two-hour course which includes:

  • Moving Forward as self empowered sovereign beings of the light, including completion and new beginnings, sunsets and sunrises.
  • The Blueprint designs of our earthly/physical bodies creation, the Garden of Eden - clearing distortions and aligning with our true nature, following the law of ‘as above so below’, the Tree of Life.
  • The Landscapes of our Consciousness as seen in Mother Nature - bringing Balance to spaces of emptiness, loneliness, abandonment, neglect, abuse and interference by unethical beings and chemicals. 

I will assist you by opening and aligning your consciousness to the light of your soul, following the principles of the Cross in the Circle, our astrological earth symbol. We will do analysis thereafter that you can understand what you are learning from your experiences, and find the wisdom to take the next step forward on your journey.


Using the Codes and Avatar sounds, I will unlock your consciousness that you might access your own unconscious. Everybody and anybody is welcome to join these groups. I am simply the medium to open, align and assist you on your own personal journeys. Sharing our experiences is usually some of the most interesting and exciting part of this process, as we learn from one another. When one receives for example, the patterns of ‘forgiveness’ or a particular ‘timeline’, the design or doorway is given to the entire group.


I work according to the laws of nature following the principles of bringing each chakra into balance using the cross in the circle our astrological earth symbol. And then return to balance our landscapes that are not embodying the light/holy spirit wherein the elemental kingdom resides. I have a clear understanding of how consciousness comes into form and trust myself as embodying the Avatar sounds of creation, to command the light and unite you with our original design of creation, as seen in nature.


    • 2 hours


13 May 2023

27 May 2023

10 June 2023

The seats are limited to 8 per group.

USD: $50.00 per person

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