Lauren Galey

Lauren Galey is the founder and host of Quantum Converastions at, and a lightworker on a mission to assist all who ask on stepping into their New Earth Missions and Creations. She is on a mission to empower New Earth Leaders by assisting those who are ready to step into their planetary roles, their Divine Role, and get their product or service out to the world. Lauren’s podcast Quantum Conversations is a daily production broadcast to a global audience, reaching over 2.2 millions listeners tuning in via YouTube channel, Soundcloud and her online platform.

I will join Lauren Galey on two separate occasions where we will be discussing The Garden of Eden. Within the garden of each of our creations exists the patterns of our original design, the flower of life, the fruit of life, the seed of life and the tree of life. Through exploring these elements you can learn how to harness the power of your own creativity and manifest abundance in every aspect of your life.


    • The first is a one hour Pre-Recorded Interview where we will be discussing the elements and importance of The Garden of Eden. Date to be announced.
    • The Second is a two hour Live Webinar on Saturday, the 29th of April at 6pm GMT where we will be doing the practical application.


We'll keep you posted with the links to the pre-recorded session and instructions on how to engage with the practical application, if desired.

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