Slowly she awakens to the light of her sol

Soft pink petals delicately warming, lovingly embraced in golden thread

Her fragrance releasing, blessing life surrounding her in

waves of loving understanding

Her thorny bright green stem of protection

Roots firmly embedding in the dark soils

A bush of blooming flowers above, composed of strength and beauty

Illuminating the fragrance of her essence

Dark green serrated leaves absorb the light from on high

Their waxy surface drawing in the patterns of light threads

Nourishing her body that the roots grip deeply

The heart of compassion holds wisdom from suffering

Grounded and rooted into the darkness

Its sweet scent of understanding

A journey of liberation into the ocean of surrender

Breathing  acceptance and forgiveness

Her loving heart tenderly opens to streams of pure light

Her petals unfolding exquisitely from the pinnacle

Her design a gift of love