A personal consultation takes around two hours of which an hour and a half is recorded. 

Consciousness Altering Substances: I require individuals to be free from any substance use for a minimum of 10 months (Only for Private Sessions). Click here to learn more.

NOTE: Please message me if the times provided do not fit with your time zone via E-mail:   |    Telegram, Signal and Whatsapp: (+44)7442 503 558


A personal consultation takes around two hours of which an hour and a half is recorded. I will send this recording to you and advise that you listen to it as needed, in order to bring the unconscious into consciousness with a deeper level of understanding and appreciation of your journey.

Listen to it more than once as sometimes we imagine we heard parts that aren’t there, and sometimes we didn’t hear parts that we need to. Should one return to old patterns and stories, the coding will return your blueprint. Ego attachment to a condition can sometimes be surprisingly powerful.
Before the appointment, please set your intentions for that which you would like to clear and that which you would like to strengthen. I believe that prayer is the foundation of magic.
Everything is connected and the themes and patterns you are working with that need attention will become apparent. Unlocking consciousness is a process of clearing old stories, programs, interference and belief systems through all time and space.

Integration is an important part of the process, becoming aware of this new Now moment.
The experience of a shift within all four bodies is a process and practice.
Physical – Make sure to nurture and nourish the body with good food and exercise.
Emotional – New feelings begin in and around the heart, and this brings you into presence.
How am I feeling? I am here. I welcome all that I am.
Mental – Shift in perspective happens when we breathe into the heart centre, dropping our consciousness from the busyness of the mind into the truth of our hearts. Seeing life though the eyes of the heart.
Spiritual – A closer soul connection, feeling more of myself in my body as I deeply accept all that I am with appreciation for the soul growth I have received.

Allow the new patterns to settle and become conscious of this new experience of Being.
Key – Let go of any resistance. Let go and let God.
Breathe deeply into the acceptance of All that I Am. I Am All That I Am.
Allow the unbroken awareness of flow, the wave of being, to undulate from the physical to the emotional to the mental and arrive in an expanded state of the knowing of Self, my divine Spirit.

It’s the experience of a wave, go there.