"Using the Codes of Creation and Sound of the Avatars, I unlock consciousness returning the Blueprint design of our Creation, as seen in Mother Nature."

When we use consciousness altering substances we exit the body and open ourselves to interference. This interference, in my experience can do damage needing surgeries and extractions to clear and align the body with the light of the soul.

For Private Sessions, where I personally do the clearings, I require individuals to be substance free for a minimum of 10 months. All are welcome to join Group and Self Study courses. However, I have the right to decline working with clients who continuously use/abuse these substances. 

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Gift Card

Introducing our Gift Card option. These offer a journey of self-discovery through deeper understanding and connection to ones own consciousness and highest potential. Redeemable within six months of purchase for a private or group session. Choose from a variety of denominations to match your budget and preference. Click here to purchase.