Michelle Vaughn, South Africa

“My first session with Maraya was in 2017 in Cape Town South Africa. It was profound. I will never forget the day I stepped into her space and I was immediately struck by the crystal clear vibration in the air. Two years later and I have had face to face, skype and whatsapp sessions with her and all have been equally profound. 

Maraya uses Light Language and Ascension teachings. Her channeling is pure and with every session I wake up more and more to my true Divine spirit. The wonderful thing is that I can go back to all the recordings of our sessions and am still learning. Her teachings have been life changing. Maraya was the beginning of my light body activation and she assisted me to open my heart. I speak a new language now and have been guided to follow the path of healing. Maraya is authentic and I am deeply grateful for the impact she has made in my life.”