Victoria Wildebird

I met Maraya at the darkest hour of my life.  I was lost and confused and had created a mess of myself and my life.  I knew I needed to find the light.  I knew nothing else at that time and while I knew it, I certainly didn’t understand it or what it meant.  Maraya took me in and helped me sort through what was my life’s result of exchanging one trauma for another for 41 years.  She helped me navigate my own disempowerment and abandonment of myself so I could own them both, understand them and let their shackles go.  I am still a marvel at the multitude of layers and spaces she is able to navigate and harmonize into a deeply cohesive healing from which I continue to learn and grow from well after each session.  She is magical and loving and the space she connects into is the safest space I’ve ever known.  The work with her has brought me home to my own loving heart when I never knew such a thing was possible for anyone, certainly not myself.  I cannot imagine my life without the work I’ve done with her.  She introduced to my being a level of depth and beauty to tap into on this plane of existence that makes the rest of the noise and confusion here fade into the distance.  I am forever grateful for her and her process.