The card of the King is the archetype of consciousness that refers to the Empowered person, as One with Mother Nature. The card of the King is the top of the pack and is facing both above and below, as is the law in this universe. When our spirit is empowered, we find the courage to move from fear to love bringing it to the earth plane, as did our beloved Yeshua the Christ. Walking simply and in truth, we experience the self empowered, dignified, noble truth of the King.

Once upon a time in a far away land, where the trees were golden and the skies were blue, a temple floated in the air appearing as a palace and unicorns roamed the infinite blue yonder. The King of the castle, wearing a black and white soft warm robe with a purple sash around his neck, opened the castle door. He was a gallant and noble man with warm twinkly blue eyes who oversaw the growth of the golden orchards of trees, with his warm and loving heart caring for them as his children. He greeted a unicorn at the entrance to the castle his hands placed together at his heart and bowing his head in appreciation of her arrival, and then he rubbed her neck fondly for she had come to show him a vision, this is the gift of the unicorn. She placed her horn gently between his eyes and spirals of rainbow light flowed forth opening the timelines and dimensions. Through the cycles and circles of existence the King saw the back of a man dressed in black walking alone down a dusty road.  The King moved himself in consciousness that he could watch the man from the front. He noticed that the small figure was rubbing his hands together and speaking to himself, telling himself that it was ‘a good plan, a great plan’, tapping the right side of his head with his right hand, and then pointing his index finger in front of him as if he was explaining to somebody. Crossing his arms across his solar plexus in a protective and self satisfied manner, he raised his hands to the heavens and cried, ‘Great Spirit, I hope you are hearing my request, that I might walk along this road between fields of red Poppys, smelling the sweetness of life and seeing your magnificence gently swaying in the breeze against the eternal blue skies. He felt the light of Great Spirits love gently warming his back.

Before him appeared the unicorn, brilliant white with rainbows of etheric light emanating from her horn.

‘What are you asking for?’, she questioned him. 

‘Fields of Red flowers blooming in the warmth of the golden sun, the light glowing orange through their translucent petals. He replied. 

‘Why are you dressed in black?’, she asked 

‘I want to use the flowers for a specific purpose’, he said. The unicorn replied, ‘need I remind you that the lower chakras are all the colours of the fiery pits of Hell and that mother nature and the Heavens above begin at the Green chakra of the Heart.’ 

‘But all of nature is in perfection’, said the little man, ‘and the red poppy’s have magical gifts’. Yes, the flowers ground the lower chakras allowing the spirit to soar. For the little man understood the principle of ‘as low as you go is as high as you go’. He continued to walk with a lightness to his step for in his minds eye the vision had already materialised, he understood that vision created reality. Beating his heart with his right hand, his body smiled and his spirit exulted.

Fields of Poppy’s where there is nothing but an empty landscape seemed a plan of the Gods.

‘Why do you need fields?’, asked the unicorn. ‘To reach many people I will need many poppy’s, the magic of the flowers is as infinite as humans. The unicorn began to walk alongside the little man dressed in black. ‘Are the sight and smell of the flowers not enough?’, she asked. Why do you want to use the magic of her spirit to create more than what is here, is Here not enough? There was a falter in his step.

I give you a warning said the unicorn, there is a law in this universe, that what you do to others can be done to you. If you should use the nature of the spirit of the poppy to shift your experience of the nature of your reality, you open yourself up to the same. You give permission to Beings that believe that you are useful, to do the same to you. It is unwise to believe that you are the top of the rankings. Consciousness is ever expansive and is stepped all the way down to the earth plane. The unseen world, the world at a higher frequency of light, watches and learns too. The Laws stay the same. What you do to others can be done to you. 

She turned to the little man,‘now look into your heart and ask yourself, would you like someone to use the magical nature of your spirit to enhance the personal reality of their existence? For with your plan, your permission is given. It is simply a plan of disempowerment, nothing else. Be aware.’

The King bowed deeply to the Unicorn, his hands together at his heart, with gratitude and appreciation for her gift and she swiftly flew beyond. Her vision was through all lines of time, an infinite awareness of all that is.

He entered the castle once again, closing the front door behind him, and reluctantly removed his purple sash. The time had arrived for the return of his presence to the earth plane. The power of the King to walk on the lands again, respectfully in wonder amongst the nature spirits understanding and appreciating their power, as he understood and appreciated his own.

The Fleur-de-lis or Three Fold Flame as patterned on the crown.

For it is the singular steps of beginnings and completion that are the empowerment of our journey. The journey of the King from sunrise to sunset, is with deep acceptance of the power that each step has given him. The Kings heart is one of Faith and Trust knowing that on this day, I can only do my best.

(This archetype is explained in my notes in 'About', for further reading).