Within each of our stories, exists all of our stories. 

With new beginnings and moving forward into the sunset, completing that which is and letting go, surrendering into the night. Knowing that in the morning with the dawning of the new day, comes hope and a fresh start, the echo of liberation in the wind. And so the heart moves courageously forward into a starry night, trusting that it is time.

The Green Leaves on the Trees, shining in the sunlight, receiving as much light as they can, as much love as they can; this light and love of God. The light bouncing off the leaves onto its surroundings in a joyful celebration. This limitless light filling the air like an overripe fruit bursting with juiciness and flavour, and the mouth yearning for a taste. 

This lightness is in the air, golden, platinum and diamond and exuding the perfume of the Ancients, teasing the senses to awaken. 

But the weight of the dark blanket of remembering, of holding on to the past, visiting and revisiting the old, old stories again and again bringing them back to the heart, feeling to snuggle under this blanket of darkness imagining it were a blanket of comfort for the soul. This empty dark space simply being the familiar, the family, of the past. 

So now taking a deep breath into your heart, into your heartsore, that empty dark space where there is nothing but the grip of darkness; breathe into acceptance of what is there. This is in me and I have imagined it is my comfort. 

And now breathing in through the nose imagine you are inhaling the light that exists around a little spark of light within your heart, simply a spark nothing more, for this little spark of light brought you into creation. And this spark is connected to a star in the Heavens, your soul that feels so far away but that you are connected to through all time and space. It is the eternal, the earth and the spirit that is you. And you being connected to all the other stars in the universe too; shining their light onto the earthplane, their boundless love; and the trees receiving this light, your spirit on the earth, until the light of God within you remembers to reconnect with your source. 

There is an effervescent thread of light flowing upwards from your heart with white feathered wings, and arms outstretched embracing the world, this is the nature of your spirit, yearning to embrace all of life, the love of God, so big. This thread of light streaming upwards from your heart, is seeking home far away. 

And now Being aware of this spark of light in your heart, request the light of your Star to return and reconnect with your heart; that heaven can return to earth. 

Come home, come home, come home, reunite my spirit with the earth plane, for I am grounded here now and need to feel the light of my spirit, the wings of freedom once again. This wide embrace of my love emanating from my outstretched arms, holding the trees in gratitude for patiently waiting for me to remember and seek re-connection. My thread of light reuniting with the frequency of Home, the same beat as my heart, the same song. 

With spirals of light flowing upwards both clockwise and anticlockwise, I seek the sound of my creation so far away, my song so endless and pure. And within the eternal dark blanket of space, there is a connection in frequency like two lovers joining hands, the heart of creation responding to my call. A winged white horse of deliverance travels through space towards the light of this soul on earth, bringing with him a thread of light from the star, the outstretched arms of the creator embracing his child within the circle of his love. Our heart is home in the light of God once again. 

The leaves on the tree are the deep green of mother nature, of the heart chakra, they know this light feeds them. The leaves nourish the branches, the body and the roots of the tree. Light is the food of their very existence, for the leaf knows how to convert light into food. Beloveds the heart of the body knows this too and it is time to reconnect to your soul light, to reunite with the starlight in the dark space of existence that seems so far away. 

So coming into your hearts breathe quietly into the knowing of that little spark of creation that you are and remember where you come from that you might call yourself back. Your home is here now, within what sometimes feels like lost space and time but is really just a moment, an opportunity to find that voice in your heart. The cry of your heart carried forth into the dark space of the universe is simply a question seeking an answer, and now it is time to receive. 

Breathing in, open your heart to receive your light, know that your call has been heard and it is up to you to open your heart for the answer. Within each heart is a song of joy for the dawning of a new day, for the arrival of the light after a dark night. It arrives without your permission. The sun will rise and shine his love, what you will do with this is your choice. On this planet of Free Will it takes will power to will the heart into receiving the love that It is. For it has forgotten. Your call has been received, the connection has been made and by opening the heart to receive the answer, your light can return to the earth plane. 

Within the heart are the patterns of existence through all time and space, and the answer it seeks is the light from its original intention. The purist light that holds within its stream the wisdom of the ages and the power of remembering.The hands begging and empty with light falling on them cannot feed the yearning of the heart. 

The heart, it is a magical place, the spark within it can light a universe, illuminating to the rim, seeing all that is with curiosity and wonder. So open your arms and embrace this magical place of earth, for it has been in the dark for a long long time, and the light in your heart needs to shine on the magic to illuminate its existence. In every sunrise life awakens to a new day, a different day, yesterday is gone and today has blue skies and the golden yellow ray of hope and joy. It is here this light, your prayers have been answered. So open your hearts and feel the warmth of the suns rays melting away the darkness. You are loved. Allow yourself to be loved. You are the BeLoved.