Within many households exist chemical products designed to destroy nature. Touching a soft green leaf will burn and shrivel it; …this light of our hearts.

Peering up into the open blue skies, a lone vulture circles slowly and patiently, waiting for death.

Below, amidst the stench of chemical acrid fires, black decimation and entrails, a random office chair leans against burned table legs, in the barren landscape of a lifeless desert.

A crazy woman with empty wild eyes and burning nostrils counsels herself within the insanity of the picture, while her skin crawls.

Deep within the recess of her mind she recalls the sight of her own mother laying on her deathbed, bandages wrapped around her eyes, her breath shallow, as the cyanide starts to take effect. And as she stands next to the bed wanting so desperately to tell her how much she loves her, she knows it is too late. Mother can no longer hear.

Shaking her head to clear the memory, she tips her face to the empty blue skies above.