Within the centre of each heart exists the spark of our creation, bright as an inextinguishable star. This spark that lights the fire, keeps us warm and gives us light. Within each heart no matter the darkness, this spark of creation exists, and as the light grows, more can be seen. Dedication to growing this light is a discipline, it is about becoming a disciple of the heart.

Within each heart are many stories, images and encounters of the day. These experiences send messages to the heart and create patterns of a reality that may be called  ‘the friends that we choose to hang out with’. Inside the home of the heart exists each persons unique creation of chosen teachings and experiences for that soul to evolve. Herein lives our personal power, to choose a reality of our own creation, feet firmly on the ground. 

When the mental body is filled with images and stories outside of our own creation, it is simply the mental body; which the heart may choose to follow. This can potentially become a betrayal of Self.

Finding that which brings joy, peace and love to each of our individual hearts is a unique experience to each soul. These choices of ‘attention’ are a discipline. To choose to be a disciple of one’s own heart takes focus and will power for there are many distractions along the way, seeking our attention.

Planting the Garden of Eden, paradise, takes care, love and dedication. Attention to ones own garden and the seeds we plant, water and give energy to, is a choice.

Paradise, our Garden of Eden grows from the soil up into the light with an abundance of green leaves, wild scented flowers and fruits in different flavours and colours. 

This exquisite place of abundance feeds the body and the soul and many birds visit and live here.