An expansive landscape with a winding, meandering river in the centre telling its story with trickles and gurgles to all that will listen. Little birds nearby adding to this song of creation, connected to life at the waters edge, part of the terrain. High above overlooking the scenery, clear blue heavens enfold the design.

As the eagle flies high in a clear blue sky, the wind beneath its wings, gliding along the pathways, the unseen patterns within the infinite blue space. He looked upon the picture below at the unfolding story taking place on either side of the river.

To the West as the sun was setting, and to the East where the sun was rising, with the constant flow of the river winding between; a serpent flow with its own beginning and end.

And within this clear flow of water, unseen to the human eye, serpent designs of creation in divine patterns of perfection, revealing the wisdom of the earth and on its surface, reflecting the heavens above.

It appeared to the eagle as layer upon layer, patterns of varying depths and transparencies, each a reflection of the truth of connection. From the wisdom of the mountains to the vast depth and ever shifting ocean. 

He studied the river seeking within the layered patterned reflections a clue to the unfolding story, the story of the earth and her evolution. The rising state of her condition, her story. He noticed the thinning dark lines that were holding the patterns in place, the way they were fading in and out within the layers and levels. A gentle merging was happening between the layers, the overlays exquisitely blending with those beneath creating swirls within the lines, the uniting of the soft and gentle with firm structure. And within this blending of flow, the shimmering lines and circles rising and falling within the water wherein a clear message could be read. A simple voice between the earth and the heavens, coming into form. The flow of the river, the serpent of life and light, holding the symbols of evolution in the clear waters of the divide, the story of an evolution of materialised consciousness, within a sphere of light, beneath the wings of the eagle.

He sought within the depths of the winding river, the message his heart yearned to receive, and that only clear waters can unveil. The merging of space, the blue skies above and nature below, the inter-weaving fabric, majestic and powerful.

And his heart responded with faith and gratitude. All is well and as it is. This story of evolution and flow. All is well and as it should be. 

He circled to the left lowering himself onto a new pattern of design within the clear blue skies, directing himself home, with a deeply appreciative and accepting heart. Holding this moment, holding the message as a steady beat in his heart.