There is a place in the heart seen by the eagle, where the river flows into the Ocean, the fresh water of the mountains merging into the salt water of the sea; a merging of the worlds. 

The land in between the mountains and the sea is primarily salt free except for specific points.

Let us visit one of these salt pans on the land. It is a result of evaporation, where the water is no longer. It is a powerful place, the salt crystals connecting themselves to the energy in the area and absorbing the many varied frequencies.The human body is the same. 

When it is dehydrated it absorbs the energies around it, which can sometimes interfere with the soul signature frequencies of the individual, creating confused feelings.

Like the salt laying on the earth near the mountains, the frequencies of the salt synchronise themselves with their environment, affecting the feelings around the heart. The light from the sun and the blue heavens above continually blessing the crystals. Yet, the physical connection to the land on which it lays is its primary connection, both connected to the same heartbeat of the earthplane, the same pulse of life. Our master teachers and guides keep clearing our energy fluid, but self empowerment will be the awareness to remember to do it self. With a blessing of the water before drinking it, allow it to wash through the body as the river flows across the lands connecting the frequencies of the land to itself and ultimately the ocean, the oneness of Being. That deep intuitive knowing that one feels through the body, as deep as the ocean, with feelings flowing out of the hands and feet from that which the body is connected to.

As the ears listen to the universe, some sounds more ‘heard’ than others, such is the body, absorbing frequencies around it, not only through touch. 

Living in an environment close to nature, brings the body into balance, for the frequencies of nature hold the patterns of perfection, the blueprint of the earth plane, the virgin mother, to which the body yearns to return, especially with todays food. The natural salt water within the body always returning balance to the whole.

Within the depths of the ocean it is the bottom feeders design to clean and clear, that balance can be maintained. 

As the rainbow reflects within the clear particles of water in the air, so does the river hold the patterns of the land it has flowed across, to the ocean. One feels in the body the flow of all life around one and with increased levels of awareness to both the seen and unseen worlds. Keeping the bodies flow balanced with clean water is the same as the rivers on the earthplane. What we put in the rivers and our bodies affects the ocean, the feelings we carry as individuals and as a collective.