The earth hardened under the onslaught of light, building a crusty exterior of protection that seedlings cannot push through into the light. Their green hearts dreaming of a life; young tender shoots swaying in a gentle breeze alive and well, waiting to blossom.

Our bodies, as one with the divine nature of Being here on the earth plane, our DNA yearning to activate and come to life in this golden era of light, our spirits arrival in the body. The body needs to be prepared.

A serpent river winding across a flat landscape with no vegetation on either side of it only a dry cracked desolate earth. Above, a burning sun in a clear blue sky and simply no moisture in the air. Empty of life. 

A giraffe gazed across the empty landscape and horizon seeking ‘over there’, something far away. While ‘here’ at the water’s edge, life should be growing. 

To tend and create the garden of paradise would be here at the rivers edge.

One would loosen the earth creating space for the breath of life beneath the soil, that the seeds can breathe and receive light, coming to life. And then very gently directing the flow of water for nourishment while the seeds seek the light of the sun. It is in the nature of their design. Within each seed is a sprout seeking the light, a sprout that knows within the light is the pattern of its heart. That its heart will open to receive the love, the light from above and unite with the design of its resonation. Within our DNA these seeds exist waiting for the opportunity of life and expression. We need to loosen the physical body with yoga or exercise, like the soil of the earth, to open the physical vessel that the cells can breathe and receive light. And then, navigate our emotions, the water, gently, very gently into the physical body. At first the body is hard and resistant, this may feel uncomfortable, perhaps even painful with suffering, but with determination, perseverance and labour, the soil becomes loose and the breath of life and light can reach the inner dark spaces once so compacted and hard, that yearn to come to life once again. Eyre caution with the waters, always being ‘aware’ or ‘conscious’ of the flow of feelings so as not to drown or wash away the seeds that you have so diligently worked back into life, into the light. The power of the water can be a mighty river clearing all in its path and lifting the soil from below creating unclear muddy waters. And this muddy swiftly flowing river passes through the shadow of the tallest cliff, with almost no reflection on the surface, the dark shade and constant movement making reflection unavailable within that space of time, the ripples on the surface ruffled and the heartbeat so deep within the earth with the flow of the river so quick. Surrender to this place as one with mother earth, mother nature. For these places exist and are part of our nature, as seen visible on the earth plane. As our light arrives on the earth, our nature is as one with hers, in alignment with nature of Being.

Feeling and seeing the ripples on the water in the shade of the cliffside, the muddy brown flowing so belligerently with the force of gravity and surplus. The rainfall seemingly arriving from hidden passage ways within the mountains and this ever expanding river perilously forcing its seams to breaking point, carrying all in its path with it.  

Finally it reaches a plateau, broadening and slowing down to a steady beat under the full sunlight and open landscape. A peaceful stillness prevails with surrounding open horizon. As the serpent winds its way steadily towards the ever welcoming blue ocean. And in the distance white storks with large yellow beaks are flying North over the dusky seas.