In a deck of cards, the King and the Queen are at the top, as the self empowered masculine and feminine, they birth the balanced sun, the light of God, and thereafter follows the divine patterning of numbers, beneath them. The science and mathematics of this Universe is in perfection with the different combinations of numbers or possible experiences, being infinite. With an empowered and balanced masculine and feminine ruling over the deck, the potential patterns and formations become aligned with the patterning of the universe itself, that one’s experience of materialised reality is united with the heavens, following the Law of ‘As above so Below’.

Let us take a journey with the reindeer and sleigh beyond this earth plane held by the stars. Taking a deep breath and coming into the heart, knowing that within our heart exists this universe, our patterning the same design as creation, we, a mirror of creation, an expression of the heart of the Creator. Now entering that holy space within the heart, the temple of silence wherein we receive the sounds of creation and from where our soul responds to this Universe. As we welcome the Great spirits of the four directions who are holding our light stream within the time/space continuum. This circular stream of light that is around us and flowing through us. This is the cross in the circle, our earth symbol. Welcome Great Spirit of the North, Great Spirit of the South, Great Spirit of the East and Great Spirit of the West. And we welcome the Four AA’s of the four directions who are assisting with connecting us into higher levels of light. Welcome AA Uriel, AA Raphael, AA Gabriel and AA Michael. 

And now opening the doors of the future and past, the directions of North and South; ……(coding); and now opening the doors to completion and beginnings, the directions East and West.(coding)  And opening up consciousness and the pathways from on High, enabling embodiment of these patterns. Bringing balance for consciousness to arrive. (coding)

Staying now within the very centre of our heart, the core of our existence, draw in a breath of appreciation for all of the wisdom our heart contains through the many teachings that we have received throughout the many life times and lines of time we have lived. Taking a deep, deep breath of infinite trust into the knowing of this wisdom, and accepting that much of it may be in the unconscious, unremembered as yet, and breathing with this deep acceptance, knowing and trusting our intuition, which guides us from this holy space. Giving us our wings, connecting us to our higher selves of the light, this light of God that we are. And allow the flow of energy to move from the heart out through the hands, giving permission to yourself for any feelings of overwhelm to simply be released. You may become aware of the mind, hold no attachment to the stories, simply observe in appreciation and acceptance that this is its nature. 

So with your permission I will return the divine patterning of the King, the self empowered masculine in the blueprint coding of its original design. Now focusing on the in breath, breath in and receive that which has always been a part of you, knowing that there have been many teachings which you have chosen to experience within this archetype, and now breathing out and letting go of any distortions that may have resulted from these experiences through such feelings as failure, discontent, compassion for others over self, a constant hunger for more, an inability to begin a journey or a feeling of a lack of direction. (coding) 

Welcoming the Queen, with her magnificent holy crown of Glory, Golden scallops tipped with pearls of wisdom and embedded in the gold, jewels of every colour and multifaceted. The colours of the rainbow, all the colours of the chakra’s,  for she holds them all in balance in a golden crown on her head. The central gem on the front of her crown an oval emerald of the heart chakra, with triangular facets. Within the triangles are the balance of both the masculine and feminine as when they slide into each other they form a six pointed star. We call this star the star of David. For David was the son of a Mighty One who brought the heavens to earth in perfect balance, and stood firm in the face of great danger. Within each of our hearts is this same courage that comes with balance and empowerment, that we so desperately seek during these times of perceived chaos. To stand firm as the warrior, knowing that God is with us. Trusting that God is with us, with the dignity of the Queen.

Her confident hand glides over the lands of her kingdom, extending the same golden light as her heart, she whispers golden words of comfort, soothing the fear of the uncertain heart. The surface of the heart has forgotten the wisdom so deeply buried within the body, the original divine perfection of creation to which we will once again return. 

Within the DNA and cells are unforgotten codes of creation, patterns of perfection in light waves of the divine; soul song signatures co-creating a chorus of harmonic bliss, and these unique individual sounds becoming a chorus of earthly Angels. Each individual walking with a heart of compassion, a heart knowing deeply of earthly suffering yet trusting that on this golden pathway into the unseen clouds of heaven, the heart beats as one with the heart of creation. Within the eternal soul, connected all the way from source stepping its way down onto the earth plane, through many planes of existence, mirrors of learning light the pathway of consciousness inviting each and every One of us home. With skies filled with rainbows as soul agreements come to fruition, the heavens clear the way, a summons of the chorus of creation.  And as each of us listens carefully, opening the temple within our hearts to these compelling sounds, we respond to this call home. The masculine with higher vision awakening the feminine, and reminding her of the celebrations of the heart, taking her hand in his and together firmly facing the East. The ever strengthening light drawing their souls forward, dissolving the shadows of the past and warming their bodies with the promise of solace. Within each of our hearts is the Queen of hearts, the one who knows of the broken heart, the bleeding heart. She holds within her compassion for the suffering of others because she knows so well of her own suffering, and what it means to be queen of her kingdom. Placing her right hand on her heart she bows her head down to her heart in acknowledgment and appreciation for all that she has endured on this earth plane and the strength it has given her. Raising her arms to the heavens she breathes a breath of gratitude, for within her kingdom, the golden fields of wheat are growing ready to be shared with many households children. And from the golden light of the sun these fields received their nourishment and  are now a gift it to the bodies of all God’s children, bringing heaven to earth. (coding)