Om Mani Pad me Hum - I Am the jewel in the Lotus Flower.

Within water is a divine blueprint, an imprint of light connecting heaven to earth. When we drink water it connects light to the physical body. Holding a prayer in our heart for blessings from above, we open the Lotus flower petals of our heart to receive our light. 

With serpent like roots stretching down through clear water seeking to latch into the earth, fingers grasping for something firm. At first slippery mud with no solid grip, but with deeper seeking into the darkness of the earth below, the buried feelings within the unknown, trusting whilst we seek in the dark that there is an embedded jewel within the earth as part of creation, earth’s natural design. Trusting this process of creation for within it is a natural flow of the Divine. 

And as the root hungrily clasps the embedded jewels deep within the earth’s body, the light of the jewels crystalline nature connects to it. This connection between the earth and this flower within the heart, is a natural process, for within the earth are jewels of wisdom and unique light frequencies. Each jewel is held within mother earth within the design of her perfection as a part of her creation, the light pink crystals emanating both love and compassion, sapphires a reflection of the heavens and the golden yellow crystals holding the wisdom of the light of our sol. /our sun.

Within our hearts is this design of the lotus flower yearning to awaken to the daylight at the birthing of each new day, some blue, some pink and some yellow growing on still waters where their reflection is clear as a shadow of the sun’s journey across the sky, connected to all life around it. As Egyptian Geese fly overhead.