As the afternoon sun glints off the top of the river, sparkles of diamond light in celebration, bouncing up and down while the river flows relentlessly beneath.  This time of the day ….a moment after another, and before the next, to be captured in the heart and held with precious intent. For the river flows from the wisdom of the mountains to the collection of the sea, connecting all along its path.

The River of life, the flow of existence is what connects us to different parts of the Earthplane and different dimensions of ourselves. As the eagle flies over the winding river, so our vision becomes clearer when we have a higher perspective on the flow of our lives. As we weave between the mountains of wisdom and the planes of change, within each of our diamond hearts is the clarity of all that we are; a pure, resilient and crystal clear soul. 

However, just as some rivers are brown and the water unclear, so too are there lives that we carry that are burdened with the weight of mud, a lack of clarity and understanding of that which we have learned. Within some of us the blocks are so severe that our bodies have developed adipose tissue in the areas of blocked flow and we literally carry the weight of these burdens on the physical plane, here now. Diet and exercise clear blocks but with many lifetimes of distortions some of these patterns have materialised and the flow of the body, the blocked flow becomes slow and heavy.  

In each of our unique hearts is a truth of the flow of our individual light and that which we resist, and with a higher perspective of the workings of our nature, we are empowered to unblock and clear that which no longer serves us.

So coming into your heart and greeting it, ‘Hello my heart, I Am here, and I hear the voice that cries for a clearer understanding of my souls pure light’. 

Within the muddy river are many fish that suffer and cannot breathe properly, for there are particles of sand that pass through their lungs and  disturb the soft inner flesh. But they have no choice for this is the river they were born into and all that they know. However, if we get the flow of the water just right, the flow of the emotional body, the particles of sand will have time to descend onto the bed of the river, and the waters will be clearer and more crystalline. Our suffering will be less and we will have more clarity. When the river flows rapidly our emotions rise and the sand lifts from the bed of the river and the intensity of the flow feels uncontrollable and uncomfortable. So let us begin by coming into the heart and listening to the flow of reason, trust and self knowledge. “Hello my heart, I Am here’. I embrace all that I Am, acknowledging and appreciating all of my suffering. I wish to open you to the light of my soul to remember the wisdom of all that I have learned, to let go of my pain, my suffering, my torment and return to peace and tranquility. Within my heart is the prayer of my soul to love myself and all that I AM, understanding that my choices have taught me so much of the flow of the river. Much is hidden in the muddy river that I cannot see but I feel in my heart and I know that these disturbing feelings hold much wisdom with choices that are in my path in front of me. I trust these feelings for I know that the suffering of the past holds the wisdom to guide me with the choices on the path ahead, beckoning me into the light.

As a little bird tweets while flying over the river, singing greetings and gratitude for the flow of life that the river is. Spirit singing appreciation for that which we are willing to release that the flow can become more gentle and we can experience calm once again.

Let Spirit lift the burdens, the weight off our shoulders, that we can spread our wings and open our hearts and feel a sense of freedom and trust in the flow of life and that which we are co-creating. As One with all life.