A singular star, a spark of light in a dark night sky pulsing its light gently, purposefully towards a destination far away, here. This light of my soul, I seek in a resonation I call home.

The stars steady in an open night sky, some clear and near, others distant and compact, each one emanating its own unique expression of light, simply being itself floating alone yet connected to each other within unseen patterns of perfection holding the larger design. All in motion and in relation to each other. Families. Sometimes the bulge of light in one group will press awkwardly on its neighbours, a sphere within a cycle and circle all floating in an empty timeless space.

And somewhere not too far away, a gentle orange glow of one lone star seemingly lost yet steadily holding its light, almost nostalgically.

Drawing nearer to the orange warmth and gently breaking through an unseen barrier into what at first appears to be a ball of blue and white. Upon closer inspection visible layers upon layers, levels of energy all held together by patches of materialised density.

And when traveling closer yet, through the layers, each with its own pressure and frequencies, a sense of a maze becomes evident, passageways between time. Existence a mist of building blocks, pathways and levels within which to navigate.

Consciousness densely pressed together contained by the forces of nature.

With his hands pressed together in a prayer at the front of his heart and a gently knowing smile upon his lips, there stood a little being. He had clear sparkly eyes and the infinite stretch of eternity within his gaze. He waited patiently, for within his heart was a prayer, a holy emanation of sounds and symbols sent forth into the inexorable universe. It seemed that in that far away grand space of everything and nothing, this little voice, this squeak of existence, could hardly extend to anywhere as far away as the beyond. Yet, within that knowing smile was the deepest trust, held as a spark inside his heart. He knew that out there shone the light of a star in the exact resonation of himself and he was speaking within this resonation, and it too was seeking him with precision. 

He felt a sense of warmth and expansion, then the contact of the oncoming light and inter weaving click of connection. He faced his hands upwards and began to sing his gratitude for being heard. Sitting down gently into the lotus position he took a deep breath and relaxed into his body, becoming consciously aware of letting go of the busyness he held, with a lengthy out breath. 

He began to prepare himself to receive. He felt the warmth of light on his body and himself relaxing into a feeling of being deeply loved. This ever moving flowing light of life, streaming around and through him.

Within this light stream appeared floating dust particles, evidence of the earth around him. He felt into the rhythm of his heartbeat and the aliveness within his hands. In his right hand a clockwise spiral of light and in his left hand an anticlockwise spiral of light. 

High above him flew a stork, new beginnings and the birthing of a new aspect of Spirit. His heart felt light and joyful, his mind empty and still. He listened carefully for any sounds of nature to affirm his connection to this living earthplane. The voice of nature deeply resonated through him giving him his wings. He deepened his breath focusing on one sound and becoming its consciousness, united in deep harmony. This deep expression of simply Being sound and form, the voice of creation held in design. He felt the  powerful force and essential connection as a part to the whole; expanding his listening to the chorus of singing voices all collaborating in perfect harmony and balance. Then he settled into his light once again feeling it flowing through him and into the earth beneath him, locking and uniting home far away, here, now.