Floating in the spacious blue skies, the heavens, exists a temple of my own creation… 

 The inner architecture contains arches and paintings, stained glass and crystalline floors. Statues of the founding designs hold and support me, and carved white marble Angels. The pictures in the paintings tell the stories of my creation; the light inside this structure, alive and well. Resilient.

I feel as a child sitting cross legged in the centre of the container, feeling and seeing with awe and wonder. This safe, exquisitely peaceful and pure place where I can visit at any time. It helps me to remember beyond life below on the busy streets thronging with crossways and intersections of human bodies, all with a purpose.

As I sit here, the pure, innocent and trusting little girl, I behold this pure space around me, absorbing it into my heart. It gives me strength and knowing of those that have walked before and found their way home.

For in the desert on the earthplane, the vast empty space of blue horizon and sea of sand surround me, the heat burning my feet, my throat dry and lips cracked. Yet, I steadily walk in the direction of an imagined Oasis. Three stars from the dark nights always in my thoughts guiding me to what appears as a nativity scene of the birthing of a pure consciousness.

I arrive at the Oasis, immediately going to the water and completely submerging myself. It is warm in the late afternoon sun and surrounded by many friendly palm trees. There are children playing, families, friends and animals, busy joyful and present.

I once again sink myself below the water into the deep silence of my soul, listening for my heartbeat, steady and true. And my face breaks the surface into the light, fresh air gently brushing my skin and greeting me to life. I am here now.