The soaring eagle inspected the meandering muddy river, undulating across the flat landscape below. He noted the gleaming iridescent fish slipping in and out of the water, their backs glinting diamonds and crystalline jewelled geometries. The aquamarine, diamond and silvery patterns of reflection appeared to expand into the air and then dissolve, they were blessings of revelation. The fish swam near the surface of the water, dancing in-between.

The eagle rotated to his right heading back towards the mountains behind him, which were hidden in a blanket of thick mist. 

Standing in a cave within those mountain was an older man with clear blue eyes and shoulder length grey hair. Although small in stature he held a twinkle in his forthright focus, his left hand upon his heart and a falcon resting upon his right shoulder. He was well hidden within the mists of time; the falcon often sent to the future to summon the patterns for now. 

The man stood at the entrance to the cave awaiting the arrival of the eagle in whose iris he saw the infinite night sky and received reassurance in his heart that all was well on the landscape beyond; the river in its eternal flow towards the ocean.

The eagle perched himself on top of the cave and squawked his arrival with pleasure. The sound stretched into the thick mists of silence, reaffirming his presence. 

And so, in turn, the falcon rose from the mans shoulder extending his wings powerfully and entering a spiral staircase of ascension. His wings expanded into frequencies of connection, sliding into patterns of escalation. 

His destination was a singular pulsing star, which he entered and then disappeared into; into its breathing interior. He began to absorb the pressing signatures of its story, which he intended to return to the mountains below. Each feather received symbols of light encoded signatures written into the spaces in-between. By the time the falcon left the star, his golden encrypted body was a book of revelation. He entered the spiral staircase once more adjusting his emotional body to the new feeling of Being, this new story of existence written into the feathers of his Spirit. He felt so blessed; Her felt the deep stillness of a starless night; the empty open space of the infinite unknown; the reverberation of nothing, nowhere, everywhere and here. His body was a brilliant sun of glowing symbols, perfect complex sentences of the stories of nature on the earth plane. Stories of higher vision and the awakening feminine, the trusting little girl on the pendulum swing attached to the tree. Diamond crystalline encasings surrounded each sentence of symbols, for they were precious cargo in flight.

He arrived back in the cave and landed safely on the mans shoulder. 

The man bent down and began to build a fire in the centre of the cave. He spoke with the elementals of the fire creating agreements on how to proceed. Rubbing his hands together he fell into his hearts centre. The warriors of the light began chanting and dancing, their songs and movements embodying the stories of the star.

The twinkle in the eyes of the man was a reflection, a visible indication of his essence, …the songs and movements of the fire elementals, the song of his Spirit, the very nature of his Being.

The cave began to glow warmly and echoes of loving harmonic combinations hummed their way into the earth flowing into the valleys. Songs of joy, of life, of Unity. An inclusive vibration.


River - the flow of connection, the flow of life

Fish - emotional knowledge

Night - the unconscious

Mountains - higher knowledge

Eagle - higher vision

Falcon - future information/prophet

Spiral staircase - DNA

Cave - hearts temple