The Wisdom of the Mountains

The thoughts that float in our minds beneath the clear blue heavens of freedom will eventually land in the body to run around without direction. When gazing towards the mountains of wisdom both near and far, small and large, they rise from the earth into the skies uniting the horizon in sacred symbols of design. It is when we stretch our vision towards the farthest reaches of the horizon where heaven meets earth, the horizon that stretches before an empty landscape of stillness, it is within this space that our Faith and Trust in the design of creation stays true. Trust in the design of our planet, our teacher where we stand connected as One with no separation, and hold the vision of your wise hearts dreaming for a life of clear blue skies and stillness that deepens into a starry night sky, the blueprint of our creation.

The following song is calling forth the wisdom of the mountains through the elemental nature of our bodies, returning the blueprint of our foundation as originally created in form within the earth.
Please receive these codes and patterns casting the eyes of your heart to the future you yearn to dream into being, as individuals and communities united as one with Mother Earth.