Welcome to Light Encodings with the Elohim.

 Maraya has all seven days of Creation.

Using the codes of creation of the Elohim and sounds of creation of the Avatars, she clears distorted patterns and returns the Divine Blueprint of Creation through all dimensions and lines of time.


The Elohim are the creators of Form.

The Avatars are the Creators of this Universe.


Our multidimensional nature of being here through Key stories and Archetypes of materialised consciousness. 

Within each of our hearts is a circular tube of light that flows inexorably, with no beginning and no end held in balance by the Great Spirit of the North; this light that we are that flows forth from the heart of our Creator. Embodying our soul light on earth takes courage; making space here in order to unite and experience the nature of Mother Earth.

The Garden of Eden

Within the garden of each of our creations exists the patterns of our original design, the flower of life, the fruit of life, the seed of life and the tree of life. The fruits hang from the trees sweet and fragrant ready for absorption, their sweet nourishment satiating the deep hunger. This garden grows under the blue skies of heaven on earth as a natural expression of her existence, abundant and wild. The flowing designs rooted into the earth naturally reach for the light stretching themselves upwards, growing in strength in order to stand firm and steady. Some are vines and cling to others, while others are mighty trees anchored, balanced and resilient. And under the clear blue skies within the unseen warmth of the sunlight, exist many unseen designs waiting to materialise. The garden is primarily green like the heart chakra, absorbing the light and nurturing and nourishing itself, coexistence between the plants an interplay of creation. This paradise on earth is the natural state of being here that we are learning. Heaven and Earth united.


In the Beginning...

The Elohim, the Elemental kingdom and the Elements


The magical Elemental world, so playful and free connecting us to the earth plane, creating this magical kingdom called nature, their hearts as one with creation, their power to create with swirls of light and joy. The universal principles of earth, water, air and fire, the story of our creation, our materialised existence and connection.  The Elohim, the mighty force behind this, as One with our Creator, waves of light and design.


The Earth Symbol, the Flower of Life and Paradise


The cross in the circle and the flower of life, the original design of paradise; pure love on earth. With the blooming of each flower open to the light of our sun, absorbing and growing within the light, grounded and rooted swaying in a gentle breeze. Each an expression of the nature of this universe, passing through the cycles of life.


Themes and Stories as Keys to the Creational Process


As the eagle flies high above, enfolded within a blue sky and the frog sits croaking next to the stream; the eagle once having been an egg and the frog a tadpole. To be able to swim, walk and fly is the nature of our spirit like the creatures around us existing in perfection, each a design of creation experiencing itself in form. To soar with the wind beneath our wings, to swim in the songlines of the dolphins, to walk as an elephant across the great plains of the earth, is the consciousness of Self. Within our hearts is the experience that we are, the consciousness of the earth, it's wisdom and evolution.



The Great Mother ​

Mother Mary holding the Christed child in her arms, gazing upon him with a heart overflowing with love. The nature of the earth plane is an expression of this blueprint design, her magnificence growing wild and free under a blue, blue sky.

The Great Father

The light of our soul radiating upon the earthplane, warm and alive drawing life upwards. Growth.

The pure, innocent and magical little Girl

The pure, innocent and magical little girl, the apple of her fathers eye never falling far from the tree. The fruit seeding again and again, the tree always bearing sweet fruit under the warmth and light of the sun. A tree that blossoms in the springtime with the promise of new life.

The Magical Boy

Standing on Jacobs ladder leaning against the moon in the dark of night, peering into the universe seeking his hearts design, that which he wishes to return to the earthplane. The divine nature of his heart.

The Medicine Woman

Bent over her bowl at the fire in the centre of the medicine wheel, she speaks with the nature spirits willing them to obey her commands, always learning. Aligning her spirit with the stars.

The Warrior

Protected within his metal garments, he raises his right arm to the heavens calling forth the armies of the light with his powerful voice.

The King/Queen

The Golden Crown embellished with jewels of wisdom, reigning over the kingdom of its creation, with a golden heart of Love.

The Genie

The golden heart of wisdom within the dark night of the universe, the cave of consciousness wherein the genie appears when summoned.

The Magician

Dressed in black with a sparkle in his eye and a heart of conviction, the ace up his sleeve his mastery. He entertains the little girl with his tricks, his heart animated in the company of his skill.

The Witch

With her hooked nose, bent shoulders and cackling laugh she peers at life with a heart of malice. Accompanied by her pointed hat, black cloak and broom, she flies across the night sky.

The Three Fold Flame

The golden fleur-de-lis embossed upon royal fabric, the white satin material shining beneath the gold, glinting in the light. As the blue, pink and gold of the sunrise announce the beginning of a new day showered in golden rays of sunlight, and the completion of the day with blue, pink and gold again. The golden age of wisdom, with a pink heart of love and compassion, and the blue skies of freedom above, willing it into creation. The golden chariot driven by a strong man in control of six horses, using his will power to guide his vehicle. A six pointed star in a night sky.


The Locust as a plague in the desert, a frog sitting at the edge of a pond croaking his song of existence with a joyful heart, a sparrow flitting across the sky with grass in its beak for the nest it is building; as the aeroplane flies across the skies carrying many passengers, seeking a destination. The golden ball in the sky continues in circles and nature on the earthplane continues in cycles.



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