• The Evolution of All Life on Earth, as a Unified Co-creator

Mother Earth - The Landscapes of our Consciousness

Using the codes of creation of the Elohim and sounds of creation of the Avatars, she reunites the Divine Blueprint of Creation

Maraya has all seven days of Creation


The Elohim are the creators of Form

The Avatars are the Creators of this Universe


Understanding our multidimensional nature 

Within each of our hearts is a circular tube of light that flows inexorably. It has no beginning and no end and is held in balance by the Great Spirit of the North. This light that we are that flows forth from the heart of our Creator. Embodying our soul light on earth takes courage. We unite and experience her as ourselves, learning and evolving with her through key stories and archetypes.

Our mission is to bring the unconscious into consciousness in order for you to become a self empowered being of the light. Together we will embark on a journey of clearing old patterns and closing karmic cycles to awaken and remember to all that we are. This will allow you to embody a higher vibration as we shift our consciousness forward with more peace and clarity. Through this work we will gain a deeper understanding of our true nature and ability in order to heal and evolve. 


The Garden of Eden

Within the garden of each of our creations exists the patterns of our original design, the flower of life, the fruit of life, the seed of life and the tree of life. The fruits hang from the trees sweet and fragrant ready for absorption, their sweet nourishment satiating the deep hunger. This garden grows under the blue skies of heaven on earth as a natural expression of her existence, abundant and wild. The flowing designs rooted into the earth naturally reach for the light stretching themselves upwards, growing in strength in order to stand firm and steady. Some are vines and cling to others, while others are mighty trees anchored, balanced and resilient. And under the clear blue skies within the unseen warmth of the sunlight, exist many unseen designs waiting to materialise. The garden is primarily green like the heart chakra, absorbing the light and nurturing and nourishing itself, coexistence between the plants an interplay of creation. This paradise on earth is the natural state of being here that we are learning. Heaven and Earth united.



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The Landscapes of Mother Earth are the Landscapes of Our Consciousness

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